In 1997, as my growing family faced the challenges of making ends meet, God led me to start a home based business called Homemade Gourmet.  It began as a simple business formed around my kitchen table and soon grew into a multi-million dollar company that offered home based business opportunities to families all over the country.  

I came to God with a simple need and 
He led me down the path of
His bigger vision! 

From this I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and 
step into His strength, wisdom and leading.  

God closed the doors of Homemade Gourmet for me in 2011, but my journey taught me not to fear but to trust.  Things did not go the way I had planned, but I was comforted by the truth that God's plan is always better!  Without a job to fall back on and without an income or savings to sustain our family, I found myself starting over.  

Today I have a driving passion to encourage others 
as they STEP OUT into their callings
 by sharing stories of His faithfulness as well as 
knowledge, tips, and experiences 
I gained along the way.  

Below is a snap shot of who I am, what I've experienced and services I offer, so take a moment to give it a quick read and let me know if I can help you, your church group, organization, or your business become all that it was created to be.
~ ~ ~

The 14 years I had with Homemade Gourmet were years of personal growth, even more than business growth.  Looking back, I see now how each little step I took along the way moved me further down a path that was grander and greater anything I could have imagined for myself.

This inspired me to launch "Just One Step at a Time", a motivational and business training platform where I write and speak to others looking for direction, one step at a time!

In the early years, when I was pushed into the roll of business leader, my limited high school education said I was not equipped for such a task. One step at I time I grew stronger and more confident.  Soon I found that I didn't need to be equipped to reach the end of the road in one day, but that I could go as far as I could dream by just taking the steps needed for the moment.  The rest would come along the way.

What are you being called to do 
that seems to be more than you are equipped to accomplish?  
Let's talk!

I was also pushed into the roll of motivational speaker when my comfort zone was in the corner of a quiet room with my journal and a pencil.  However, my passion for the mission of our company was stronger than my fears, and I learned how to overcome them one little step at a time.

What fears do you need to overcome 
so you can take that next step and 
stop standing in the same place?  
We should talk!

Today I travel across the country  sharing these motivational messages with business leaders/owners of all types.  From small unit meetings of home based businesses, to corporate conferences, my message speaks to anyone looking for 'been there done that' advice and encouragement.  For more information on the types of messages I offer, and how I can join you at your next event, visit this blog ~ www.justonestepatatime.com ~ where I also share lessons learned, encouraging stories, tips for overcoming challenges and ideas for growth.

I submitted my life to Christ over 30 years ago as a young teenager.  For years after that I had a 'handshake' relationship with my Savior, but God took me on a journey to show me He offered so much more and drew me closer to Him one day at a time.

As this journey unfolded, I learned how to
lean on Him for strength,
look to Him for direction,
seek Him for answers, and
run to Him for comfort.    

My early adult years took me into the entertainment industry where I eventually landed a job as a singer on a cruise ship.  During this time I wondered further from my faith and closer to things of the world, and I began making "plans" for my future.  It didn't occur to me that I should seek direction from my Creator. Over the next 12 months God used my pride and foolishness to bring me to a place where I had to go running home to seek healing for my voice.   

I thought I was going home for a physical healing,
but He was bringing me home for so much more...
a healing of my soul. 

As my journey drew me into an intimate relationship with Christ, I began writing devotional thoughts from the scriptures God used to feed my soul and to grow me up in my salvation.  Today I share these thoughts on my devotional blog ~ www.feedingahungrysoul.com ~ and I also use them as motivational messages for weekend retreats or women's groups and churches across the country. If you are seeking words of encouragement or need a speaker for your church event, hop over to this blog!  My passion for sharing the need for God's leading, comfort and strength in every moment of our lives can also be shared in song.  I may not sing on cruise ships anymore but I find great joy singing for HIS glory every moment I get!  So let me know if that's something you would like to have added to your event.  

Finally, I have another blog ~ www.aroundthetablewithtami.com ~ where I share my passion for family meals, easy recipes, and efficient / affordable meal planning.  This blog began when I was growing the business that started around my kitchen table, but I continue to use it as a place to share meal planning ideas as well as favorite recipes, many of them born from the original formulas I created for Homemade Gourmet.  

So that's my story....so far!  I'd love to hear yours some day!  I can't wait to see how God weaves our lives together.  

God Bless and Keep You,

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